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Maintenance Services

Pay a little now - or pay ALOT later!

Smart drivers know regular schedule vehicle maintenance not only helps their cars run smoother, but can also prevent costly repair bills in the future! A simple thirty minute oil change or tire balance and rotation can add MILES to the life of your vehicle, as well as help prevent major engine problems or even possible life threatening situations on the road. Don't take chances with your car - OR your life! Tharrington's Auto Works can perform many routine scheduled maintenance services such as those shown below. We'll get you in and out FAST, and with peace of mind knowing your vehicle is running at TOP performance!

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30 Minute Oil Change

We'll not only change your oil, but check ALL your fluids, tires and wiper blades to make sure everything is filled up and working properly!

Tire Maintenance

To prolong the life of your tires, and ensure a safer ride, we recommend you have your tires rotated with every oil change. We'll rotate and/or align your tires, as well as make sure they are properly inflated for a smoother ride!

Inspection Station 

Yes! We are a certified, official N.C. State Inspection station, and can get your inspection done thoroughly and quickly, and address any issues we may find that can prevent you from getting your vehicle inspection passed!

Replace Dirty Air Filter 

A dirty, damaged or clogged air filter can cause extensive engine damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, replacing a dirty filter is easy and inexpensive, and we can easily take care of this routine maintenance job at the same time of your oil change!

Change Wiper Blades 

With constant exposure to the elements, wiper blades take a tremendous amount of abuse, and can lead to a poor road view. Don't take chances with cheap blades - let us replace your worn out blades with high quality ones that will last through all kinds of weather!