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Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get regarding claims, body shop repairs and MORE! 

Can Tharrington's Auto Works file my insurance claim? 

No. We can be your "Vehicle Accident Advisor", but we cannot file your initial claim. If you are unsure of how to file a claim, we suggest you contact your auto insurance representative for help and guidance in understanding how to file your claim.

Do I have to use the body repair shop my insurance company tells me to use?

NO! The choice is ALWAYS yours. Even if they suggest a shop in a network of preferred providers, it is always the insured's decision as to where they have the work done, and the insurance company MUST abide by their decision! However, they can insist you to get MORE than one estimate from several places, and will often end up accepting the lowest bid!  But you don’t have to accept that bid if you believe the it won’t adequately repair your car. Don’t hesitate to dispute a lower bid if you really believe the adjuster's repair estimate is too low based on what your mechanic has told you, and don't settle for an inferior repair shop to handle repairs they are not equipped to handle. A modern, well equipped repair shop may be able to offer you more peace of mind when dealing with more complicated or extensive repairs.

What is a deductible?

The deductible on your policy is the amount you will pay for each accident and is determined by your insurance policy.  This will be paid to Tharrington's Auto Works after repairs have been made, and you have inspected your vehicle, and are ready to take it home.

Can my deductible be "buried"? 

NO- When you purchased your insurance policy, you signed a contract indicating you will pay the first portion of your claim up to your deductible amount. Burying a deductible constitutes insurance fraud by the shop and consumer. Additionally, a shop willing to bury your deductible has to short-cut the repairs, resulting in lesser quality auto body repairs. This may negatively impact your vehicle’s value.

Once the insurance company gives me a check, are they "off the hook" for any additional damages found in the repair process? 

NO!  A claims adjuster can only report the damage which is visible, and that report may not reflect more extensive unseen damage.  When additional damage becomes evident as the repair progresses, we will report the additional damage to the insurance company as a supplement to the original estimate. No good adjuster or insurance company will expect you to sign an agreement accepting the insurer’s estimate as the total claim payment until you’ve established, to your own satisfaction, that it will cover the cost of repair.  

What is a vehicle scan, and why is it important? 

Today’s cars use numerous electronic systems to make them safer and easier to use, but that also makes repairs more complicated. Even a minor collision can damage wiring and change the position of sensors, requiring additional repairs and re-calibration to get everything working again. Our staff has the latest tools and training to scan, diagnose and remedy problems with these electrical systems throughout the repair process. This lets us find problems before work begins to get an accurate repair estimate, ensure electronic systems are working correctly after the repair, and get everything from airbag sensors to door closing mechanisms calibrated to factory specifications so your car is as safe and easy to use as it was before the accident.

What if my vehicle isn't driveable? 

Contact us at 252-451-1015, and we will arrange to have your vehicle towed to our facility for auto body repair.

Will my paint match? 

Yes! Our certified refinishers mix all formulas in our state-of-the-art mix room, thanks to the BASF paint system. Our refinishers are highly skilled in base coat, clear coat, and three-stage pearl finish matching.  

Are appointments required for car estimates for body work? 

Yes. We try to make an appointment for you to meet with Scott or Lisa when you come in for your estimate. We want to have time devoted to you to listen to your concerns on your vehicle. If you can't make a set time give us a call and we will work with you to find a good time for you! Sometimes Scott and Lisa are available when you come in but we always suggest calling ahead! Call 252-451-1015 to schedule your appointment!

Am I required to get more than one estimate? 

 No. It is your right to have repairs to your vehicle done at your auto body shop of choice. Tharrington's Auto Works & Collision Center works closely with all insurance companies. With our cutting edge damage assessors and certified collision repair technicians, your car will be restored to pre-accident condition! 

Are the repairs guaranteed? 

Yes. Tharrington's Auto Works & Collision Center offers a lifetime warranty on all repairs done in house as long as you own the vehicle. 

Will my vehicle be "forever compromised" because it's been in an accident? 

NO!  On the contrary, most vehicles we repair are brought BACK to their "pre-accident" condition, and some in even BETTER condition than before! That's because we use the latest in repair technology and original parts, so that your car is structurally rebuilt to its factory dimensions and tolerances. And with our superior paint and finishing techniques, your vehicle may actually surpass the original finish insofar as corrosion protection and gloss retention. Our goal is to bring your car back to the state of perfection that it was before you had the accident.